Gran Cucina Gourmet Italian Vera Riviera, Olive Verdi, Olive Pate


                                           Gran Cucina Gourmet Italian Riviera Olives

Gran Cucina Olives

Gran Cucina Olives are carefully selected on the Italian Riviera. They give a great taste to antipastos, sauces, meats, pastas, risottos  and any other creation you may venture in your kitchen once you have tasted the fresh aroma of the Gran Cucina Olives. Gran Cucina offers a big variety of olives: Gran Cucina Black Mediterranean Olives, Gran Cucina Green Olives, Gran Cucina Olive Creams and Grand Cucina Olives with artichokes paste or spreads.

Gran Cucina Olives will make you look like a pro in a short time as it will give your meal a great flavor with a simple touch.






Gran Cucina Olive Verde Farcite                  Gran Cucina Black Riviera Olives

Gran Cucina Green Olive Pate                      Gran Cucina Black Olive Pate