Gran Cucina by Green Kitchen USA



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Gran Cucina Artichoke Cream

Gran Cucina artichokes' cream or artichoke's pate is an ideal cream to decorate your antipastos and give extra flavour to any dressing or sauce. Can also be used as a spread on top of toasts or any kind or farmer's bread. Makes a delicious and healthy meal for any occasion or a great snack. Comes in two different jar sizes:  6 oz  and 17.6 oz.


The Gran Cucina artichokes' cream is made with 100% natural all Italian ingredients cooked and bottled at the Gran Cucina location in northen Italy  and imported by Green Kitchen .


                     Gran Cucina Artichokes' Cream   6 oz.jar  - not shown-.

                      Gran Cucina Artichokes' Creams' Cream 17.6. oz jar.