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                    Gran Cucina Italian Gourmet Artichokes and Olives Cream

Gran Cucina Artichokes and Olive Cream

Gran Cucina Italian Gourmet Artichoke and Olives Cream is a treat  for the connoisseur and a great ingredient for chefs and cooks. At Gran Cucina, the artichokes and olives are carefully selected before the cooking process starts. Each ingredient is considered according to its 100% Italian natural soil, original taste and color to make sure the produce that will be bottled at the Gran Cucina location in northern Italy will keep the real taste from fresh nature.


 This cream or pate combines the smooth flavour of the artichoke with the strong and delicious fruity taste of the olive. A great spread for toasts or snacks, perfect for antipastos and even better for any sauce or for the chef that wants to experiment new ingredients in many different sauces keeping this additional ingredient as a tasteful addition to the main sauce. Can also be used with pasta or meats to give a touch of flavour . Comes in 2  sizes: 6 oz and 17.6 oz but can be specially ordered in any size that could better fit your needs.


Gran Cucina Artichokes and Olives Cream, the chefs' favorite when it comes to sauces and adding discrete flavour to any gourmet meal. 

Gran Cucina Artichoke and Olive Cream 6.35 oz
                        Gran Cucina Artichoke and Olive Cream 17.6 oz- not shown-.