Gran Cucina by Green Kitchen



         Gran Cucina artichokes creams 100% fresh artichokes from nature


Gran Cucina Artichokes



Gran Cucina artichokes' creams  are delicios and ideal for appetizers and as canapes spreads. They make great sides tasters with tomatos or other vegetables in antipastos. The Gran Cucina artichokes' creams or pates can also be used as part of your favorite  spaghetti sauce or together with extra virgine olive oil to make your pasta delicious.


Gran Cucina artichokes are carefully selected for its taste and color. Only the best products, coming from 100% Italian soil are cooked with all natural ingredients and bottled into the Gran Cucina jars.


Gran Cucina artichokes' creams come in different sizes. Please look at each different item inside this category to see the available size. As usual, if you need a special size for your cooking needs or restaurants, we can deliver this 100% natural Italian artichoke cream in any jar size you may feel would suit your needs. Please let us know by calling us at 1-866-236-8151