Gran Cucina Italian Gourmet Specialties Fresh Nature on your Table!


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Gran Cucina Italian Gourmet Delicatessen

 "Fresh Nature on your Table"             


Welcome to a world of delicious food with the real taste of 100% Italian fresh nature.


Chef Marco Aurelio , one of the Gran Cucina's chefs  said to us: "At Gran Cucina , when we cook with 100% Fresh Italian Natural Vegetables, we feel like a painter painting a beautiful  Italian landscape with lots of paint color choices. The painter paints a masterpiece beautiful to the eyes. At Gran Cucina, we create Gourmet Specialties that will be beautiful to the eye, taste and smell on millions of tables around the world".

Each Gran Cucina  product  from the  Gran Cucina big kitchen in Northen Italy, is carefully prepared with the over 40 years in the market  Gran Cucina guarantee. Every Gran Cucina Food produce  is made with  100% Natural  Italian Ingredients from the nearby lands. Gran Cucina combines the old fashion way of cooking with the highest standards of technology and food safety international regulations.   Imported by Green Kitchen. 1-866-236-8151.





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